The Future of the Blog

With great sadness, I regret to inform you that Sy Ogulnick peacefully left this world on the morning of May 3rd.

He felt strongly that his words were a large part of his legacy, as was his desire to share them. In accordance with his wishes, the blog will remain online for the foreseeable future in hopes that those following Sy’s essays will comment and contribute their own thoughts on the subjects he considered important.

While Sy will be sorely missed, the blog will preserve his presence so his observations on power, leadership, relationships, and aging will continue to inspire and inform.


Steve Zuckerman, site administrator.

Author: Steve Zuckerman

Steve Zuckerman has enjoyed a long career as a music composer, orchestrator, and author.

4 thoughts on “The Future of the Blog”

  1. I shall miss Sy. I know that he felt it was nearing his time. I was going to call him last week but life interfered. Never delay the thought to call.

    He influenced my life though I hadn’t seen him in the last60+ years (Since Purple Sage in Malibu canyon). I am very glad Merry got me back in touch with him. Without Sy and campfires, I would never have learned the Cal and Stanford frat drinking songs ! He was a true individual who also sought togetherness. A wise tough complicated man. He left a fine legacy and in his life experienced some true happiness. That is his message too. Make the most of it. I know he effected each of us similarly. I will always carry loving thoughts of Sy.
    Best to all, Jock

  2. Sy, although I have only known you for less than a decade, you have already taught me more than many I have known my whole life! Your attitude towards life have influenced me profoundly. You truly are an inspiration and a role model! I am so grateful that we have met.
    You will be greatly missed!
    Rest in peace!

  3. Leader
    Sy taught that one must be both
    To be either a leader or a student
    Genuine dialogue and being present was the key
    to being both…….

  4. Steve
    “Thank you so much” doesn’t begin to express our collective gratitude for all you support through these recent years. Your friendship and love towards Sy and Lenette is immeasurable.

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