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The following is from Sy:

I think I need to explain this new experiment in Dialogue between those of you that choose to participate. I hope that many do and if problems arise we will view them as opportunities to learn something in the process. 

To begin with what I have in mind: The person at the other end, and that can be as many as would like, picks a subject and writes a max of half a page. I ask that people avoid current news and politics and stay with subjects like relationships, communication in groups and between individuals, leadership, and power and, of course, genuine dialogue. 

My rules of dialogue remain consistent and nothing has changed in my belief that it is the only way we build trusting and solid relationships. True dialogue must be based on the listener being presentand totally attentive to the other. This is not appearance of listening, but concentration on what the other is saying and seriously working hard to understand what is being said. Respect is another essential building block to dialogue. What completes the picture and makes for true dialogue is when the listener now becomes the speaker and delivers their message, but first by confirming what they heard and understood. This is followed by candor from the listener who now becomes the speaker. Keep in mind that agreement is not required, but is natural and exists or does not. False agreement may appear to build relationship, but actually undermines and contributes to its destruction.

On When dialogue takes place between a leader and those they lead a relationship of equals is built and nurtured. Having a relationship with subordinates that lacks true dialogue assures that truth, respect and commitment does not exist between and within this rigid hierarchy. This is what parent/child, teacher/student, boss/employee suffer when dialogue does not exist. 

So if you choose to join in this experimental process just write a half page on what you want to say about life and stuff and I’ll do my best in the other half to confirm and be candid about your subject. I may have nothing to add or lots that I intend to carry over to another paper. Who knows? Maybe the Phantom knows?

I label this an experiment because it is to me. Having people express what is on their mind about certain subjects and keeping thoughts to as little as half a page is no small challenge. It’s why I enjoy the Haiku process (5, 7, 5 syllables). This minimum use of words and saying something (even poetic) is fun for me. Saying something meaningful in a few words might prove to be fun for you? I certainly hope so.  Sy

A few Haikus:

Words are you expressed——–They represent who you are———You are what you say

Choose to be yourself————-You are only you at all times———Why not be your truth?

What fun to use words———–And paint a picture with them———You are the artist.