Our Move

The move is over, but not the unpacking of boxes.

This whole experience has tested us in ways that we will do just about anything to never have to do this again. Our advice is to begin the down-size process as soon as possible with no time limit and taking on one room and everything in it. We gave much away and threw lots away. Our history is now filled solely in our memory and the rest—-pictures, slides, movies, letters, etc., have been thrown away. A few albums (remember them) were wanted by others and we were thrilled to pass them on.  

We have been a bonanza to charities. Name it and we gave boxes filled with household-goods, clothes and things that they see as value and likely to sell. What amazes us is the number of people that shop in those stores. They were always crowded when I showed up with my SUV full of stuff for them. Hope that our “things” turned into money for their cause. Our favorite proved to be our local Animal Charity. 

At first it was traumatic parting with our years of history, letters, articles, books and things accumulated from around the world. Just the letters from staff and clients reached beyond 12 inches in file folders. Interesting that we began to realize we made a dent in the lives of many others and not because we wanted to make a dent, or be acknowledged for what we did, but simply through doing our job. We know that we always tried to do the best we could in any situation. 

We always believed we had remarkable people working with us. What creative and giving people they all were. Of course there were different degrees of talent, creativity and attributes. We tried to nurture them all not simply because they represented us, but much more importantly because of the relationships they would have with those they watched over, educated and cared for. 

So this has been a most unusual experience for us. It has been sad and testing for the most part, but also some very good feelings and lots of shared memories. It’s also probably impossible to avoid reviewing our history and we did. It helps to talk this stuff out and we did.

Also need to thank the many that wanted to help us. We turned the vast majority down because we felt it essential that we go through this experience as much by ourselves as possible. The few that we did let in to help did a magnificent job for us. In fact, we could not have gotten through this doing it all alone.   Being our age made it evident that regardless of our desires help was and is necessary. We got it in spades. 

So now a new chapter begins for us. We will do our best to live it as well as we lived our prior chapters. We know, as we have always known, that each day is precious and that living in the present is what we must do. One day at a time with the desire to live out many of them. 

We make this wish for each of you to live well and with love.        Sy & Lenette

Haiku: Time is our present———–It opens to us each day————-We are so grateful 

As usual, Sy is the eloquent one of the family.  I am so fortunate to have him in my corner.  This is a time of reflection and joy for the New Year and new experience.  Fond wishes to all!!!!