Settling in (January, 2020)

We are in the adjustment period. Still opening boxes and doing our best to turn 816 Sq.ft. into a comfortable living space. We fixed the 2ndbedroom into the best office we’ve had in years considering we operated in a closed room (our cellar) for 20 years. 

Our apt is on the fourth floor (top) south/west corner and has a magnificent unobstructed view of Mt. Rose and the Sierras. Our 2ndbedroom has been turned into the best office and view. Big picture window lights the room and delights us with Mountains and weather.. So that’s a very good thing. Having lived on the Truckee River across from a park is tough to replace, but our office setting and view makes a big contribution to our feeling at home. 

 One of our friends set us up with computer and related stuff. He’s a miracle worker when it comes to technology. Other friends gave us physical and emotional support. We have experienced remarkable love and a willingness to be there for us. As I wrote previously, we had to turn many away from helping us. This was an experience we had to mostly face ourselves. It’s not a happy one, but necessary for every human at some point in our lives; as Kurt Vonnegut wrote at the end of chapters in Slaughter House Five. “And so it goes.” Nuff said?

So we are moved, most boxes open and contents used, given away or thrown away. Our memories we have kept. They are established in our mind and heart. “Things,” as indicated, are mostly gone. Memories remain strong and will stay with us. 

Now it’s time for us to make ourselves as much at home as possible. It’s important to let the past reside and make the present the essential part of our lives. We can do that because we have done this numerous times. Working with people, creating and building, moving into the future once established in the present has been our way.

Change will occur and we will meet its challenges as we have in the past. Life’s experiences have made us what we became and who we are. This will not change.  Of course this is true for the lucky ones who do understand that it is experiences, and most we do not have control of and that influence who and what we become and are. 

This is a new experience for us in so many ways. It will push and shove us to adapt and if it is to our liking we will and if not we will make changes. We always have and we always will.


Today, a new day————Who knows what it brings? No one!————–We play the hand dealt.