The Way Things Are

A few general thoughts on the way things are:

It’s raining outside so our plans to do something outdoors has to wait for another time. And that’s the way our lives are lived. It’s too wet, too cold, snowing, too hot, or as is the case right now the winds are too stiff to be outside, unless that is, one likes being pushed around by unseen hands?

To be sure, there are lucky ones amongst us that have control over much of what they do. They have the freedom to make choices for themselves. They go to bed when they want and wake up to a day mostly of events of their own making. They have no job so they have no boss or at least obligations to fulfill. But they do have responsibilities. Most important having to take care of one’s self which includes keeping clean, eat, dress, read, keep one’s mind stimulated and most important is to keep and nurture relationships.

What I’m referring to is aging and If lucky we age well and if luckier still we age with an active mind and body. To be older without debilitating illness and limitations is no guarantee. So the cards are dealt and the wise senior plays them as best they can.  If blessed with good health and mind they do what they can to protect and extend these gifts for as long as possible.

In any case, aging is a challenge that all people have to deal with in time whether present or in the not too distant future. Present time could easily refer to people in their late sixties and seventies, or certainly with parents and older in-laws. On top of aging as a natural process and issue we find ourselves having to contend with the corona virus and the life and death challenges facing everyone.

For the younger generations the problem is huge beyond the illness. Consider being unemployed, no income, difficulty putting food on the table, paying the mortgage, rent and trying to meet so many others daily demands. And what of children and the impact this is having on them? It is much too early to know, but is it possible to turn this pandemic into a meaningful learning experience?  

How obvious that we are One World and One People. Yes, we speak different languages, eat different foods, have different belief systems and living environments, but how does anyone deny that we are all related? Somewhere deep in our past we began from the same roots. And as our numbers grew so did the need for other environments where survival seemed more likely. Humanity expanded into unknown territory and still has not stopped searching. For some, they never will whether for food and shelter or pure questioning of the unknown. I believe this drive will save the world. 

By the way, have you checked your ancestry lately?  Sy


My blood has a past——————-My roots somewhere in Africa————–We are family

Coronavirus————————-Avoid being too close now————This too will come/go

The “Times They Are A-changing.”

I need say no more since most people probably realize that our world is changing, but changing into what we can only guess. 

For me, it is only a watching game. If this happened during my work and creative times I would be without work and the wonderful people I worked with. Also, would I have been the student researching, studying and applying what I knew and learned about leadership, power and dialogue? Responding to what you believe you can do something about is very different than what we are all facing today.  

I always placed demands on me. Even as a kid, work to earn a penny was essential and as my entrepreneurial spirit grew so did my need to have others join with me. As luck and cards would have it we prospered and grew in many ways. How blessed to have lived in times where zero could be turned into something substantial. Add to this the lessons I extracted from my experiences.

Having had this history it is essential that I (we) remain active and challenged. It is one good reason I began to write my one page essays. Apparently, I need to remain in contact with the beautiful people I worked with and my papers have proven to be a reasonably good vehicle.

So here is my next move. Anyone on my email list can write up to a half page essay on any subject except political. (Need I say why?) I’ll cut and paste what is sent and will attempt a response in return. If any others have a word or three to add so be it. At the least this represents a form of dialogue.   

Kept away in my email are essays/comments written by others that I believe are worthy of being answered. Historically I do answer any and all, but some deserve to be more public. I’ll search them out and bring them back to life. Maybe I’ll agree and let it stand as is, or offer my look with the hope that anyone can do the same. Whatever? The important thing is that we are in touch, holding a written conversation and others may join in. Keep in mind that when it comes to dialogue agreement is not the issue, but understanding and candor is.

In closing I need to emphasize our absolute need to respect each other as the unique beings we each are. Seeing the world and events from one’s own perspective is a fact. Even if the facts are wrong people believe they are right. Dialogue demands that we understand this and their position even if we vehemently disagree. And so the World goes. 

Tough and demanding times are what we are all in (the world). No easy answers, in fact no answers as of yet.  Events rule: I’ve always thought and said so.  Good leaders pay attention to this and learn and act accordingly. The bad and ugly leaders do not. Their egos rule their behavior and important events and the lessons held within simply come and go.  And, so it goes.  (KV)

Let’s see what our correspondence leads to. Only the doing will tell us.    Sy

I have thoughts to write—————– I do so and now must wait————-agree or not, your turn.