Maybe it’s my age, or perhaps it’s the many people I worked with over the years who believe I helped them be better leaders… In any event, I’m receiving a bundle of compliments. I hope this is the case of being the “good” teacher!
I’m aging, and I know it. I’m slowing down physically. That’s what I’m aware of, but the mind remains active, and I feel good about that. So, I will try to keep writing my one-page papers using that facility.

When I ask for suggestions, I get requests for “dog stories.” Surprisingly (or maybe not), those are the ones that received the most response. I told about Heidi fighting and defeating the hunting dog that lived at the farm next door to Camp. That dog was never the same after Heidi saved Brutus in the forest encounter with us. Heidi’s heroics are plainly worth retelling. She was an extraordinary animal with instincts that constantly surprised.

So please take a few moments and let me know what you’d like to have me write or revisit. My memories remain clear for the most part, and I enjoy attempting to recall many of them. Maybe some are worth forgetting, which could be a good thing too!


Now That I’m 95…

Now that I’m 95, I’m determined to stay active with my mind. I’d like to do this with my body, but it’s not the same. For someone who has been physically active most of their life, I am having a bit of difficulty with my oxygen. I guess that’s the way it is. We’ll see what we shall see, and it is the way it is.

In the meantime, I will do my best to stay with my creative stuff. I attempt to write every now and then. I should add that it would help if I received some of my reader’s thoughts. It might stimulate what I do write about—or maybe not?

Your thoughts and comments influence me on what usually ends up as a paper posted to the blog. In fact, I will often write in response due to requests I’ve gotten. Try that on my behalf, and I’ll do my best to get them on paper.

As for my being and getting older, I have this to say. As we age, things happen to us that take our choices away. My example is clear. Being short of breath is not a choice but a fact. So I take action in the evenings—with oxygen, I can enjoy a good night’s sleep. As luck would have it, I do well during the day, with no need for assistance.

Lenette is my blessing. She watches over me and makes sure that everything I do is meant to help me get better. It’s what she does, and it’s working. Obviously, she’s my best medicine. Sy
Have a great holiday. Enjoy family and friends. It’s the best medicine.

I am me; who else?—And glad I am that person—Have never wanted else.
Why want to be else?—I am what I am and been—-Enough just being.


Be thankful for the many advantages most of us are gifted with at birth: Reasonable Intelligence, health, and the extended life that medical science gives us. Add this to our relationships with family and others, and we have all the ingredients that make for the good life.

My own life is loaded with all of this. Plus, while entirely unexpected, a huge bag of other experiences has also been gifted to me. I believe that my life is, and continues to be, serendipitous. Back in the day, I loved my family even as we lived through the depression and some very challenging circumstances. Eight people sharing a small apartment is never easy. We fought over everything, from the one bathroom and clothes to wear. Yet, we also made it.

Four of us joined the military, and all came home to live out our lives. I went to UCLA, where I was blessed with the gift of meeting Lenette and the opportunity to build a profession. To this day, Lenette continues to be my most cherished relationship. She has been my miracle and my life from the very moment we met. Seventy years together, and it is still heaven to be with her now. My love always.

I’m about to be 95 and still believe myself to be creative. While not the strong, able fighter I used to be, I can still cope with the inevitable difficult moments. Together, Lenette and I have grown in the process of overcoming whatever has come our way.

We also remember and give thnks to the many remarkable people that played and continue to play a part in our life. They are our family, and I do not take their inclusion lightly. We could not love them more if they were our very own blood. They know this and should know this.

We may be unknown—-but come to know each other—And to love many
Life not a book read——-but a book to read each day——We need to know this.
I love you for you———-Not a promise to come———fulfilled as I am.