Nations—Continued Existence—and World Governance

I certainly have no idea when a World Government will be necessary, whether in 25, 100 years, or never. I know it won’t be my problem, but I believe it remains a future certainty. How soon is pure speculation, but certain natural and man-made events will surely make that solution a more realistic one. Nations will either be forced to work together or be left to fend for themselves amid global uncertainties and an environment out of control.

This brings us to a crossroads of philosophy. Are our nations and their people going to remain either Liberal or National in their own lands? An outstanding recent paper sent to me by a dear friend deals with both philosophies. Written by a Stanford University professor, the paper does a superb job of defining both and arguing why the Liberal Nations should continue to grow and why the Nationalistic ones need to decline and hopefully disappear. (A country of Their Own—F. Fukuyama, January 2022)

Of course, I agree with him, which brings me to my argument for a World Governing body to oversee the natural and unnatural events that will affect all on the planet. In truth, these events, both foreseeable and unforeseeable, may offer no alternative.

No philosophy is a cakewalk. And here, I need to emphasize, and no one can deny, that the state of the world we live in is facing natural disasters beyond what we have faced in the past. And for all of us, no safety is guaranteed.

Liberals Believe—In a World For All To Live—Is there Another Way?

My Thoughts on Selecting World Leaders

I feel a Global Governing Body might become necessary if the earth is to survive rogue nations and address things such as a changing environment, economic inequality, world population explosion, national border issues, and even the threat of future pandemics. These challenges are as complex as they are widespread and yet affect us all.

Here are my ideas regarding a difficult question: Who would be qualified to serve on a “World Governance Body?” Consider the following as a “brainstorming” session with myself.

One of the necessary attributes is the quality of their relationships with their key people and others. This should be evaluated over at least 25 years of working with others as a leader. Over time, They would have created several Inner Circles, building them to the point that the people who make up their present Inner Circle can effectively problem-solve and lead as required. In other words, a highly effective group of individuals who can work together as one body.

Financial success is not a qualification that should be considered. I think a candidate’s attitude and behavior towards people are paramount. Are they noteworthy leaders adept at nurturing and growing others? Do they earnestly seek growth and are willing and able to provide the necessary environment for this to happen? Their history provides the answers.

I believe that the selection of those who would serve be from among the few leaders that have, for at least 25 years, given themselves to people and not to financial accumulation. While both achievements are possible, I’m not sure they’re compatible. While many of the world’s population might feel that those who are immensely successful, powerful, or charismatic are the most attractive candidates for a position in a world government, the best qualification must be years upon years of growing and caring for people. Financial success must have no hand in this.

Another Way of Looking at Aging

It ought to be evident that my aging is a non-problem to me. I’m thrilled to be my age, and each day is its own with no concern for the morrow. If I make it to tomorrow, that’s a good thing, but this day is my blessing, so I live it as best I can. But this is me.

Some aging people live in a state of frustration because they are unable (or have great difficulty) to do today what they could do yesterday. Being able and then suddenly unable must be painful both emotionally and mentally. Yet, getting older is unavoidable, nevertheless.

All of us had to live our life as it came to us. Some were and are more successful and achieving than others but live our lives we did. As we did, success and failure came our way. Look back on your experiences, and they tell the story. The story also is about our relationships. Whether we enjoyed and grew from them, or if they merely came and went leaving little or no impact on us.

My history was full of people, and I know, without question, that their influence on me changed me and added much to the person I was constantly becoming. As I’ve previously written, my Japanese prisoners taught me much about communication and relationships. We cared for each other as family, and we were.

The captain of our company on Okinawa influenced the rest of my life. In just a few hours, he made it apparent that I was capable of much more than I believed before our brief interaction. To this day, those experiences still resonate within me.

Some of the aging population may have placed too much on what they were. The expectation that the past will continue to be is a false road to follow. My wish for them is that they would look down at the steps they are taking forward—instead of always looking backward to what lies behind them. I see my foot in front of me and look forward to unknown horizons.


Nothing Easy Regardless of how Necessary

Time is not ours to manipulate; it moves endlessly. We have no choice but to ride along and do our best to be as comfortable as possible with it. What else?

I write this because I believe to be living on earth is our good fortune. It is our home and provides us with amazing beauty through nature. It also provides us with an abundance of what is necessary for life itself. There is a sun that warms us, soil that grows our food, water to sustain us and the earth, and an amazing array of ways to procreate. How blessed we are.

But change is inevitable, and our earth is changing, and if we are to survive with it, we must change with it. It’s not like we have a choice. In fact, how often are we required to do what another wants us to do? If we are to survive, our options are few compared to earth’s powerful manifestations and demands on us.

Power exists and has existed since our planet’s beginnings. In fact, earth’s creation was likely the result of forces beyond our minds to imagine. So how can we remain as we are, doing little or nothing to help our world survive? There are, of course, a considerable number of people who believe mankind should leave it in the “Hands of G-d,” and a like number of those who are merely disinterested or think that “kicking the can down the road” for the next generation to deal with is the solution.

Needless to write, the evidence speaks loud and clear. Mankind must do everything in its power to deal with the reality of our changing world. If this means a form of “World government” because no one nation is up to the task, then that needs to happen. Just look at the madness of Russia and ask yourself, should a single country be allowed to dictate policy and change to the rest of the world?

Time is running out—Our world in deep trouble—Who will act on this?
Power exists now—As it began on our earth—Are we listening?

The World Leader(s) arrive with an established Inner Circle

Every exemplary leader will have an established high-quality inner circle. Outstanding leaders have achieved their position not by accident and never by what they do alone. They bring with them people of proven talent and a similar philosophy about caring for people and personal growth. This is why I mentioned age and experience in my last paper. They are a proven entity.

Bear in mind that this quality of Inner Circle is not an accident but a deliberate plan to bring a certain type of person on board as a member of a working body. This group of talented individuals will be fully supported to play to their strength and take charge as leaders when necessary. In almost every case, they have worked together for years. It takes time to establish the metal and value of each member.

So, it is a body of people that enters the world government environment, not just a single outstanding person. No organization functions well due to one person, regardless of how unique and capable they might be. That is why for years, I have taught leaders ways to build special relationships with certain staff members who demonstrated a quality above and beyond.

Time and work ethics and philosophies that build off the leader’s own mindset bring them together. This also helps identify negative leaders who would make themselves a sub-group with themself as a leader. Usually, leaders like these have little or no respect for the actual leader. Needless to say, a dysfunctional organization is the result.

In this case, exposing the negative leader is a must. Although they may be good at what they do, which can make it more challenging to eliminate them, they will invariably damage the organization in the long run.

The Inner Circle–Essential to a leader—Represents the best.


In Any Type of Government, Leadership is a Must

Regardless of National or World government, Leadership is a must.
As I put my thoughts to paper, I realize the immense need for only the best of our Leaders to be on a governing body. They must be exemplary in every possible way. This is not nor cannot be a training ground for any who are not qualified. In this, I believe, age and experience are of great importance.

I place age first. Only because those extra years bring the experience I refer to. I have written that the experiences which have the most significant and lasting impact on us are often repeated. Examples of this abound in a marriage and/or the relationships between parent and child. It is an unavoidable truth, and most damaged people result from this.

Also, my position for many years is that leaders have more than just power over those they lead. They can either create an environment that allows followers to grow or an environment that is harmful and, in some cases, destructive.

So, although a world government may or may not occur, there should be means to restrict this group’s selection to include only the wisest. Ideally, these would be those who have demonstrated such wisdom over the years. And that they have given much to others, rejecting special and narrow interests. People like these have existed throughout the ages. Every nation and religion has given birth to them.

Naturally, this might never happen, but the danger remains that we may self-destruct. We can only guess what the future may bring, as it is not ours to know. Still, we see that much is not right. Simply accepting this as the way the world is and functions amounts to madness. The willingness to confront problems proactively is part of what makes an exceptional leader. Hopefully, they are among us.

Great leaders are few–A gift to be close to them–They are not a dream

Some Rambling Thoughts on World Government

What do I know? Not much about much. I know about power, leadership, relationships, and communication between people. This has been my continuing interest, study, and work for almost eighty years. So, my observations about World Government are based on only what I know.

Ideally, the governing body should comprise people who represent where they have come to be the adults they are. They must have demonstrated a passion for representing and speaking for the many and not just the narrow interests of oligarchies and the powerful. They should view the world as a single, precious totality to care for without regard for borders and fences.

While I can’t speak to finances and other resources, it is clear that a governing body requires them if it is to function. Science, technology, and education need to be fully supported. The need for weapon development or eradication should be studied for the world’s good. Another imperative is research and development for the health and safety of the world’s population.

The world belongs to each of us, so there should be no need for gated borders. Freedom must be granted to all. A free world can foster an economy that ensures all the ability to make a good living and care for one’s own.

My philosophy as a leader and entrepreneur was based on these tenents. We cared for all and helped them learn how to care for each other. In my opinion, being responsible for the well-being of people we live with, work with, etc., is essential to the world’s survival. We have enormous troubles, and I believe we must begin to act… OR?

Tine is not a thought—It is running out quickly—The world is ready.


Continuing Thoughts on Why I Worry for The World

I do not ask for agreement. In fact, I invite any comments. They can be about what I write or what you want to write about. Nothing I say is cast in concrete, ever. I type, and the words come out and become thoughts and ideas. You’re welcome to do the same.

So, I believe the world is in trouble because, in my view of things, it certainly is. I’ve mentioned the troubled environment, water, food and trade, population growth, and wars that, if they spread, could destroy our planets and life. Ironically, these are facts we all know. Yet, being helpless in the face of this is not my style.

For this paper, I express myself as the person I think I am and have been. I’ve written about being an independent and self-sufficient guy. It was clear to me early on that I was not a “joiner” or “groupie.” As a participant, I enjoyed the group. Still, I related to them as individuals. I was close to a few, but not to most of them.

Although I went to UCLA to become a professional, I chose to be an entrepreneur instead. I did work for the school system and received my credentials, but I never lost my passion for being me (whatever that meant). So, I created my own organization along with a philosophy that oozed out of me. It’s what I wanted and became. The process pushed and pulled me.

So, when I consider the world and ways to govern it, freedom for each person as a unique self may have to be altered. I am one of the lucky ones who never felt denied or restricted. Yet too many in our country know denial and restriction as their life experience. Hopefully, a world government will find a way to give every human the freedom “to be.” Meanwhile, I can dream of better things to come… Right?

More on My View of the World

Before I go further into my thoughts on our earth and its state, I’d like to discuss who I think I am. In many ways, I feel conflicted.

I’m independent, to be sure, and have always sought to be as much myself as possible. That means my need is to be as free as possible and do my thing my way. As stated in previous papers, I never saw myself as or needed to be a leader. I simply wanted to be me and not what others might want or expect me to be. So, I would say that I was “entrepreneurial,” but it was not about making money or attending school and becoming a professional. Instead, I became a merchant mariner, not as a job but to see the world. This held my interest until my monumental meeting with an officer in Okinawa. My path to walk the rest of my life resulted from his influence on me.

I knew I had a way with people. I liked most, and most liked me. I was a good listener, which I attribute to my brothers and sister and their shared time with me. Still, my independent streak asserted itself, and although I listened to many, it was still my way I followed.

I write this brief about my need to be independent even as I suggest in my papers that world government may be our only answer to our world’s survival. Many issues confront us all collectively. While I’m apparently aging well, I have time to think outside of myself and other organizations to consider the world I live in. It is unavoidable. For millions of individuals, it is about survival. For me, it is about “how do we make it better for those millions and the whole world?” Time is running short.

So, I continue—Still independent a person—And to help others.