Our journey and Self Actualizing

From birth, being self is not easy and the road we each travel in order to attain degrees of self are challenging, often dangerous and what road exists may disappear along the way. What then when there is no path to follow? 

So much depends on those that give us life and the environment we are born into. The cards we are dealt are full of unknowns until, that is, we are able to make a few of our own choices. In the process how often do we dare to challenge the unknown? Too many remain fixed in place where they age and eventually die.

If experience is our best teacher being fortunate enough to have parents that can afford to provide us with mentors, good education and a variety of experiences gives us the resources to become more than what we are and the potential to also give to others.. Compare this to the many more that are limited to basic and survival needs? Growing up with few resources and limited experiences hardly provides people with the tools and desire to do for others. Caring for one’s own basic needs is usually all those with limited resources can do. In this case, one’s potential “to be” is limited and not only are they likely losers, but so is society.

If not from experience where does growth come from? Aging is unavoidable, but growth demands our willing participation. Do books and teachers provide us with the same power to influence us when compared to personal experience? Without question, experience has the greater power to induce growth, but with the condition that we pay our dues. This “dues” has to do with the degree of presentness and openness to what we are experiencing. Learning is not automatic and only the courageous amongst us draw lessons from experiences. This is why we continue to have many of our experiences (wars, deteriorating environment, disease, etc) repeated endlessly. Humans either learn and grow from experience, or remain stuck and-the journey to actualize is denied. The potential loss of any human “to be” must be considered a loss to everyone.

Unless held hostages by certain illnesses, people know where they have been; know where they are and where they are going. Life is generally events expected, but the unexpected happens frequently and those with limited experience are rarely able to deal well with the unexpected. Worse, nothing is learned. Those blessed with self actualizing opportunities are better prepared. Sh–  happens and they deal with it. They know to be immediately present and open to the unexpected and take in the lessons that appear.  Societies need to facilitate self-actualization for one and all. Benefits are without limit.  


 Self is that unique———nothing is duplicated———-each of us special.

I continue growth———-what stops  me is you or me——–but I choose which one  Events do happen————-Is value found within them——-Lessons are in most things