Tough paper to write because this is not about what I usually write about: 

 We’re moving to a Senior Living environment not too far from where we are, but we are leaving the river and that’s real difficult. We love where we have been for almost twenty years. Its beauty is so special. We’ve traveled the world and this place is at the very top of a living site. Right on the beautiful Truckee River, across from a park and when the trees drop all their leaves (after magnificent colors) the background becomes the Sierra Mountains. We’re so grateful to have lived here. 

Cleaning up, boxing, throwing stuff away, giving stuff away and just downsizing is a difficult task. It has to be done because we are moving to one/third the space. Not to forget that eventually we take nothing with us anyway. What we know is that memories are what we have and we consider ourselves so lucky to have lived both the good and bad of them all. We also know that “things” are just that and have to be gotten rid of. Not easy, but necessary and being done.

The changes we face are huge. Instead of our being on our own, just living our life and fulfilling our responsibilities we will have housekeepers clean our apartment weekly, three restaurants that serve us three meals a day and every possible amenity provided as part of living in this four story complex; also an indoor swimming pool, exercise area, movie theatre, gardens, transportation and more, much more. I guess we might compare this all to “resort living” where everything is provided? We will certainly be finding out.

The difficult decision had to be when to make this move. We certainly feel like we can continue living in our three story condo, but who knows what each day brings and so much better for us to make these decisions as we choose rather than wait for others and events to make them for us. In any case, the die is cast. This will all take place this coming December.

Apart from this move most things will remain as they are.  My writing papers is important to me and this will continue as long I believe I have something to say about Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Power and the absolute necessity for Dialogue. Our problems with each of these issues continue to grow. 

Technology, although becoming a necessity in our daily lives, does not appear to have made our relationships better; easier to be sure, but not necessarily better. Events and people tell me that communication remains “the problem to the answer.” Also, there is so much to learn if we are to control what we invent so that technology does not control us. We must control it. Only time will tell.

I’m clear about my intentions and that is to try to make relationships work between people. Dialogue and understanding is my goal and has been for all these many years. Our differences and contributions actually do make our world a better place. How do we not do our best to make it happen?     Sy

We are moving on———-We know where, but not its contents——–the book not yet read.Time is limited———–And the river keeps flowing———-Time waits for no one.