The True Entrepreneur

Good leadership is important, but a True Entrepreneur may be of greater importance. Where would our world be without innovators and entrepreneurs that succeed at creating their vision? And where would any organizations be without leadership leading people to succeed at what they gather for?

The True Entrepreneur dreams a dream usually having to do with goals and how to achieve those goals. Rarely do they concern themselves with others beyond facilitating reaching their goal.  This may bring serious relationship problems between people that live and work together. Being driven by goals hardly lends itself to smooth and caring relationships. 

Whether the True entrepreneur is focused on building a business for profit or securing funds for a charity they are the same person in how they operate. Setting goals and working tenaciously towards those goals is what they do. If the entrepreneur’s goal is finding donors to fund an organization that’s their job; if to become wealthy, that’s their job. The challenge to achieve fires their creative juices not how people feel towards them.

Because of the True Entrepreneur’s drive their value to a group serving community needs may be huge due to their determination to fund the program and their methods winning over donors? They may well be the key to the success of gathering appropriate funding. If a volunteer group does not have an entrepreneur type amongst them the wise thing to do may be to find one and bring them on board.

 On the other hand, there is a reason for concern when adding a True entrepreneur to a board. Being goal directed does not lend itself to caring, supportive relationships and if they happen to be control driven conflict between members is assured.

Without question both True entrepreneurs and Good Leaders are essential to society and it is most unlikely that they are the same person. The task they have before them demand different and specific mind sets and behavior. Most Entrepreneurs treat people as chess pieces. People play or do not play parts in their drama. They are purpose not people driven. Good leaders, on the other hand, are all about relationships between people and how they function.

How to deal with this problem is significant because the value of each to the group (any gathering of people, whether for profit or charity) may make or break the group. The True Entrepreneur creates the need for a group and the good leader makes the group function properly and to grow.

Dealing with interpersonal problems that are sure to occur: A facilitator may be necessary and genuine dialogue between all at the table is absolute. The primary purpose of the facilitator is to teach and referee the rules of dialogue so that power, control and manipulation by anyone member fails to rear its ugly head.  In every case, Genuine Dialogue is the key to a successful organization.   Sy—

Haiku: Entrepreneur, yes!————So necessary to us————They make what is not.

Author: Sy Ogulnick

Sy Ogulnick received a BA from UCLA, Teacher’s Credential from Los Angeles Board of Education and completed phase I (Master’s portion) in a Doctor of Behavioral Science program at California Coast University. Sy leased and operated a summer day camp in LA. He and his wife then purchased virgin wilderness land in Northern CA, where they built and operated a coed summer camp. They moved to Las Vegas, NV, and purchased, built and operated a community children’s program for families staying in a major resort casino in Las Vegas. They have created programs for children nationwide that employed many people and in the process developed successful training programs for personnel. This led Sy to lecture on how to train staff and the creating of community within the workplace. Sy was then invited to speak at professional conferences on how best to hire and train employees, which led to his becoming a consultant in the art of improving relationships in a work environment and eventually to his epiphany that “Leaders are the primary problem and the answer to the personnel issues that arise in the workplace.” Sy has written numerous papers on the subject of interpersonal relationships, leadership and power. He has lectured throughout the United States, has been interviewed by the media and has appeared on many radio and TV talk shows

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