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When I wrote of Danny in the last paper, I also connected him to another facet of leadership, one of which I am just becoming aware. Danny was a terrific kid, but he had no desire to lead anyone. He was kind, caring and sensitive, and a willing participant. I remember Danny as a child and young boy as only a follower and someone dependent on others. 

That was then, this is now. He has grown into an inspirational leader and is the energy source behind the education of thousands of girls in Nigeria. His ability to gather funds to support his programs as he continues this remarkable work is known worldwide.

Historically, as a child or young boy, I never saw myself as a leader. Yet, my long relationships have told me that, in fact, I was their leader and the most listened to among a gang of 22. Our group was formed in the depression and remained together until the end of World War II. All a matter of history.

I became a leader not to lead, but to run a Day Camp in Chicago and later while a full-time student at UCLA. Suddenly one day, I am a leader of over 100 staff and 400 children. It was easy for me to mentor and be responsible for what I created. Events dictated, and I met the call, as did Danny. Danny never saw himself as a leader but a “doer.” Yet today, he is is a leader on a scale most could never imagine.

Author: Sy Ogulnick

Sy Ogulnick received a BA from UCLA, Teacher’s Credential from Los Angeles Board of Education and completed phase I (Master’s portion) in a Doctor of Behavioral Science program at California Coast University. Sy leased and operated a summer day camp in LA. He and his wife then purchased virgin wilderness land in Northern CA, where they built and operated a coed summer camp. They moved to Las Vegas, NV, and purchased, built and operated a community children’s program for families staying in a major resort casino in Las Vegas. They have created programs for children nationwide that employed many people and in the process developed successful training programs for personnel. This led Sy to lecture on how to train staff and the creating of community within the workplace. Sy was then invited to speak at professional conferences on how best to hire and train employees, which led to his becoming a consultant in the art of improving relationships in a work environment and eventually to his epiphany that “Leaders are the primary problem and the answer to the personnel issues that arise in the workplace.” Sy has written numerous papers on the subject of interpersonal relationships, leadership and power. He has lectured throughout the United States, has been interviewed by the media and has appeared on many radio and TV talk shows

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