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It takes a specific type of person to envision, find resources, and build an organization. These individuals load themselves with financial obligations and constantly deal with accumulating unknowns. This person will be independent first and foremost and constantly driven to create and build. In addition to overseeing themselves, they invite others to join with them as equals, although, in truth, the equality is never quite the same. Only the leader of leaders has the persistence of vision necessary to keep the gears of the organization turning.

I’ve used these many essays to describe the leader of leaders and their sub-leaders in depth.  I’ve also shared some conclusions as to why the sub-leaders fail to carry on with the organization after the prime leader leaves. Still, I wanted to know if the departing leader was the problem or if people who are not self-driven are unable or unwilling to step into full and responsible ownership of the organization they’ve inherited. Perhaps, ownership and its responsibilities for what the leader of leaders has built is terrifying to most people. Or they prefer being a part of an inner circle rather than a leader of an organization. Like everything in life, there is no single answer.

I must build for us—Not for me, you, but many—Will you take what I build?


Author: Sy Ogulnick

Sy Ogulnick received a BA from UCLA, Teacher’s Credential from Los Angeles Board of Education and completed phase I (Master’s portion) in a Doctor of Behavioral Science program at California Coast University. Sy leased and operated a summer day camp in LA. He and his wife then purchased virgin wilderness land in Northern CA, where they built and operated a coed summer camp. They moved to Las Vegas, NV, and purchased, built and operated a community children’s program for families staying in a major resort casino in Las Vegas. They have created programs for children nationwide that employed many people and in the process developed successful training programs for personnel. This led Sy to lecture on how to train staff and the creating of community within the workplace. Sy was then invited to speak at professional conferences on how best to hire and train employees, which led to his becoming a consultant in the art of improving relationships in a work environment and eventually to his epiphany that “Leaders are the primary problem and the answer to the personnel issues that arise in the workplace.” Sy has written numerous papers on the subject of interpersonal relationships, leadership and power. He has lectured throughout the United States, has been interviewed by the media and has appeared on many radio and TV talk shows

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  1. I retired from leading a due diligence team for the Pacific Series of a large insurance brokerage. I led the team’s training including very smart people lacking experience specific to the tasks. We used lots of humor and immediate hands on analytics and report writing. We reviewed financial statements, business plans, supply chain pinch points, and litigation. I enabled every team member to fly solo and insisted everyone learn to work remotely at least once per week in case our systems failed for any reason (long before Covid). Our team continued to manage our projects seamlessly when Covid hit. New leaders stepped up and took over in 2021 and my legacy became the celebration of a strong well run team. They created more advanced techniques with more creative solutions known best by a younger crew.
    I took lessons from your writings, Sy and Lenette. When a new paper came in I’d close my door, turn off my computer screen, silenced my phone and thought about how I understood the lesson and how to apply concepts to our team. I should have sent you a consulting fee for what and how I learned. Instead I’ll raise a glass of wine and toast our friendship.

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