Blood & Environment (Nature vs. Nurture)

I was thinking about Jeff and his journey with us and that there was an important message being delivered during this chapter in our lives.  The message I received while attempting to sleep may not agree with many that believe differently, but it seemed so clear and correct to me. In any case, I share my discourse with myself and do not seek agreement.

The environment, and here I mean what those in power create and use, does more to influence a person’s behavior than whatever a person inherits. So, parents, bosses, teachers, ministers, and so on, through their words and behavior, impact and influence the behavior of their children and those they lead, teach, or preach. This happens where and whenever someone in power rules the behavior of others. I find the use of power by anyone that has power and influence over others to be at the roots of their follower’s behaviors. 

This is not necessarily bad, and in fact, influencers may be full of love and care for their fellow humans. Still, there are evil people, and their love of power keeps any “good” at a distance. Power is what counts to them, and all else is insignificant. Yet, there are leaders with awesome powers that do nothing but good for those they wish to grow and give of themselves. 

My point is that the environment, which is created by another human, has the greatest impact on our behavior. As a baby and a child, is there a choice? As we grow, so does our freedom to choose our paths, so it is likely that the powers above us may have less impact on us. I have always resisted the powers above me. My read-on Jeff is that he has, too, as a child and teenager, with poor results. Thankfully, not as an adult. 

I am who I am—Because of others, mostly—More today myself


Author: Steve Zuckerman

Steve Zuckerman has had a long career as a music composer, orchestrator, and author. He began his musical career at nineteen, writing and creating the soundtracks for many “Sesame Street” animated shorts. He has also scored films ranging from the uber-campy “Spawn of the Slithis” to the super-sweet “Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore.” More recently, he’s created literally hundreds of television commercials and published numerous short stories and novels.

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